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Selling your home in simcoe

Selling Your Home

A tremendous amount of work needs to be done before a Your Street professional puts a For Sale sign in the ground. Some of the more standout tasks are;

1. Establish Market Value and Listing Price

  1. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to establish Market Value of your home, in “todays” market! This comprehensive report is determined based on recent sales of similar homes. Realtors have this information available through the Real Estate Boards they pay membership to,
  2. Check neighboring similar/comparable listings,
  3. Take note and discuss market trends at time of listing,
  4. Discuss your expectations

With your Realtor, combine all these factors to establish a list price you are comfortable with. Discuss the implications of pricing your property over and under market value.

Note – these results are time sensitive, therefore, if listing is delayed the entire process must be redone from scratch.

2. Preparing Your Property

A staging consultation is extremely beneficial. YourStreet includes this service as part of their listing package/preparation.

3. The Documents

Legal documents can be a stressful suspicious part of the entire process. A Your Street professional will educate their clients and answered every question they have long before entering negotiations. It is prudent to understand clauses and signing implications prior to beginning any negotiation process.

4. Sellers Check List

When selling your home, be aware that buyers will be extremely thorough before putting a pen to paper. As well as compare other similar homes for sale, they’re concerns will include all aspects of your home, ensuring they get the most bang for their buck.

“First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions”

Famous words that take on a whole new level when selling your home. Make sure your home always shows at it’s best.

Every detail matters! Here’s a check list to consider when putting your home on the market:

a) Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is important for many reasons, but mainly it give off 2 distinct impressions, 1st and last. It sets the mood as the buyers begin their visit and it’s the last thing they remember after they drive away. Here are a few suggestions to help;

  • Exterior to be in good repair
  • Summer months; maintain lawn – leaves, hedges, flowers, clear deck and patio areas, clean and declutter garage and carports
  • Winter months; clear snow and ice from driveway and walkways. Salt and sand for safety.
  • Home number is clear, entry is clean and clear, door hardware and doorbell work smoothly.
b) Interior

Insure interior maintenance is done. This includes touch up chipped paint, fix any cracked plaster or drywall, knobs and handles work properly, change bulbs, railing are firm and not loose, clean furnace and change filter, professionally clean carpets if needed.

Bathrooms and Kitchen are extremely important and are focal points for prospective buyers. Clean and polish all mirrors, taps and fixtures, keep countertops and vanities clean and clear of clutter, clean appliances, put away all small appliances, replace caulking around tubs and sinks if needed, fix leaky taps and ensure toilets work properly, clean cabinets inside and out, shiny polished floors.

c) Showings

Prior to showings it is important that your home presents a welcoming comfortable atmosphere. Here are a few proven suggestions to help;

  • All lights on
  • Comfortable temperature; air conditioning in summer, fireplaces lit in winter
  • Closets clean and organized
  • Stairways clear
  • Drapes and curtains open
  • Beds made
  • Clutter free rooms
  • Flowers
  • All personnel objects and photos put away if possible
  • Lock all valuables away


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